querySelectorAll() the best JavaScript function in the world!

JavaScript's document.querySelectorAll() Function

Welcome to the world of JavaScript! If you've ever needed to round up a gang of elements on your webpage, document.querySelectorAll() is the function you've been searching for. In this documentation, we'll explore how to use this function, which is as easy as herding cats... or maybe even easier!

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The document.querySelectorAll() function is your trusty sidekick when you need to select one or more HTML elements on your webpage. It allows you to query the DOM (Document Object Model) and gather all the matching elements into a neat little list (or NodeList to be precise).


Here's the basic syntax:


selector: A string representing a CSS selector. You can use any valid CSS selector to target the elements you want to select.

Basic Usage

const cats = document.querySelectorAll('.cat');

In this example, we've selected all elements with the class "cat." Now you're ready to throw a virtual cat party on your webpage!

Selecting by Class

const dogs = document.querySelectorAll('.dog');

Who let the dogs out? You did! You just selected all elements with the class "dog."

Selecting by Tag Name

const headings = document.querySelectorAll('h1');

H1 elements, unite! You've just selected all the headline heroes on your page.

Selecting Nested Elements

const mainLinks = document.querySelectorAll('nav a');

You're like a treasure hunter! You've selected all the anchor tags inside a <nav> element.

Selecting Multiple Classes

const fancyButtons = document.querySelectorAll('.btn.primary');

You're not just any button collector; you're a collector of fancy primary buttons! This code selects all buttons with both the "btn" and "primary" classes.

Using the :nth-child Pseudo-class

const oddRows = document.querySelectorAll('tr:nth-child(odd)');

Get your odd socks on! This code selects all odd rows in a table. It's a great way to add some zaniness to your HTML tables.


Congratulations! You're now a master at rounding up elements with document.querySelectorAll(). Go forth and gather your HTML elements with style, and remember that with great power comes great responsibility (to make your web page more awesome). Happy coding! 🚀🤪