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Can querySelectorAll() be used with pseudo-classes or pseudo-elements?

1 answer

  1. Yes, querySelectorAll() can be used with pseudo-classes, but not with pseudo-elements.

    Pseudo-classes are used to define the state of an element, like :hover, :active, :visited, :checked, or :nth-child(). You can use them with querySelectorAll() to find elements that match a particular state. For example:

    const checkedInputs = document.querySelectorAll('input[type="checkbox"]:checked');

    Pseudo-elements, on the other hand, are used to style certain parts of the element, like ::before, ::after, ::first-letter, or ::first-line. Since pseudo-elements are not actual DOM elements, you cannot select them using querySelectorAll(). They can only be used in CSS for styling purposes.