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How does querySelectorAll() handle dynamically added or removed elements?

1 answer

  1. querySelectorAll() does not handle dynamically added or removed elements by itself because it returns a static NodeList. This means that the NodeList represents the elements found at the time the method was called, and it does not live-update as the DOM changes.

    If you want to work with dynamically added or removed elements, you may consider using other approaches such as:

    1. Use querySelectorAll() again after adding or removing elements to get an updated NodeList.
    2. Use MutationObserver to watch for DOM changes and then update your code accordingly.
    3. Use event delegation by attaching event listeners to parent elements so that events on dynamic elements can still be captured.

    Remember that the NodeList returned by querySelectorAll() will not automatically update to include new elements added to the DOM or remove elements that have been removed. You need to manually re-run querySelectorAll() or use other methods to handle dynamic elements.